Edge farewells Senior Consultant Clint Craggs

clint_treesWe’re sending our very best wishes to Clint Craggs as he leaves the Edge team for an exciting new role based in Shanghai.

Clint joined Edge Environment in 2014 as a senior consultant to our property and infrastructure clients. During his time at Edge, Clint worked on many of the major infrastructure projects underway in Sydney including the CBD and South East Light Rail, Sydney Metro Northwest, NorthConnex and WestConnex.

He also produced pivotal work for local government clients, including whole building life cycle assessments and carbon emission reduction plans, and his expertise was used in the delivery of an environmental auditing program for the DEXUS property group.

“Working at Edge has been a great experience. The breadth and depth of knowledge held by the Edge team is incredible ­– everyone has valuable input and there is always something to learn. During my time at Edge, I particularly enjoyed working on the Sydney Metro Northwest (formerly North West Rail Link) and also conducting an early life cycle assessment screening of Gunyama Park and Green Square Aquatic Centre for the City of Sydney.”

Clint’s new role is co-manager of Cundall’s Shanghai ESD and Engineering Services team. He will be offering specialist sustainability advice, as well as furthering Cundall’s presence and sustainability offering in the Asia-Pacific region.

Edge is proud to see Clint join the ranks of ‘Edge alumni’ who have taken up exciting new positions that ultimately contribute to our mission of catalysing change towards a more sustainable future.

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