Zero Waste Pilot: The Edge Weekend Away

Last month, the Edge team escaped to the mid-north coast for some time out of the office, team building and clean air. The eagerness for a surf, relax by the pool, lawn yoga and all-around good time was clear on everyone’s face as we left the office on Friday. While the event was mostly about just having some well-earned R&R, there was also some serious thinking to be done. Not least to figure out how we are going to meet our ambition to go zero waste to landfill in 2019!

That big, audacious goal was set earlier this year, driven by our on-going commitment to making sure that we “walk the talk” at Edge. We’d spent the last few months wrapping our heads around what it could mean for the business and our procurement, but the weekend away provided a first opportunity to put our ideas into practice. And we’re proud to say that it went pretty well! The entirety of our waste – resulting from food, drink, work exercises and a murder mystery game – fit into a small jam jar. Of these items, most were seals, bottle caps from liquor, bread clips and a few odd costume discards.

Our weekend’s worth of general waste from the Edge team.

In preparation for the weekend, we used the audits we’ve been doing of our office waste to identify the items most likely to go to landfill and made our purchases wisely. The grocery shop at Woolworths was a learning process: fruit and vegetables were the easy part, but finding soft cheese, yogurt and so on without foil or other non-recyclable packaging proved much more difficult (though thankfully not impossible). To help further minimise waste, the event was catered for by filling beer growlers from our neighbouring brewery 4 Pines and also refilling recycled gin bottles at our local distillery, Manly Spirits.

Filling recycled gin bottles at Manly Spirits
Weekend organisers Maisie and Blake with the weekend’s general waste.

We came away with a small jar of rubbish, and lots of inspiration, as well as first-hand experience of some of the more challenging areas for those companies who, like us, want to start a Zero Waste to Landfill journey. We look forward to sharing the lessons we learnt, and to learn from others.

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