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The COVID-19 outbreak is the world’s largest work-from-home experiment. It hasn’t been easy, but there are surprising benefits emerging from unprecedented changes in our collective behaviour.

These challenges and benefits are playing out for individuals, businesses and the wider environment. And, businesses are asking themselves big questions. Do we need as much space? Why are we paying for premium space in the city? How has no corporate travel impacted our carbon footprint? But the biggest question of all is how we ensure we the unintentional benefits of the pandemic are built into our recovery.

At Edge, we’ve been thinking a lot about it. So, we’ve developed “The COVID Diet” to help decision-makers plan a recovery that ensures we have better, healthier businesses.

The COVID Diet is a fast and cost-effective way to quantify the positive and negative changes as a result of widespread remote working. The tool looks at four parameters including wellbeing, productivity, carbon and costs with the view to guiding organisations to a place where working from home isn’t just good for ourselves, its good for our businesses and the planet.

We’ll be giving an insight into the COVID diet on a webinar with the BCorp community tomorrow, so join that if you can. If you can’t, contact us to find out more.

Photo by i yunmai on Unsplash

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