Welcome to Senior Consultant Nicole Thompson, Edge’s newest recruit

Welcome to Senior Consultant Nicole Thompson, Edge’s newest recruit

We’d like to wish a warm welcome to Edge Environment’s newest team member, Nicole Thompson, who brings specialisation in both environmental and social sustainability, including ending modern slavery.

I join Edge as a Senior Sustainability Consultant with experience in development and implementation of sustainability strategy and policy, at both an organisational and community level.

Previous projects and programs I have worked on include those for carbon reduction, resource efficiency, social impact, sustainable procurement, and environmental events and education, such as the GHG reduction strategy for the City of Canada Bay and social impact assessment for a Vietnamese social enterprise.

Most recently, I provided research to the Responsible Construction Leadership Group about the impact of modern slavery legislation in the UK and the readiness of the Australian construction industry to tackle modern slavery in its supply chains.

It was only ‘natural’ that I would end up here, working in the environment sector. I grew up with the wilderness of the Blue Mountains as my backyard and spent school holidays camping throughout Australia’s national parks. This learned appreciation of the outdoors led me to a Bachelor of Environmental Management and Science, followed by a Master of Sustainability.

In my early twenties, I travelled to South America and Asia. Seeing the blatant inequalities and contrast in quality of life gave me a good dose of perspective. I could see where my coffee, chocolate, shoes and clothes were coming from. Making the link between our possessions and human rights and environmental degradation was unavoidable. And so my passion for environmental sustainability was joined by social sustainability.

If you want to see how likely it is that modern slavery has infiltrated your supply chain, use the calculator at this link – you might be surprised: http://slaveryfootprint.org/

Working at Edge, I’m highly motivated to make the most of their expertise in supply chain management, sustainable procurement and risk analysis to help businesses find solutions and opportunities in line with the anticipated modern slavery legislation.

Edge truly walks the sustainability talk and I’m thrilled to work with a team of talented and passionate people that are aligned with Edge’s vision to catalyse sustainable change with scientific integrity.

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