Welcome to Iris and Elizabeth, our first Professional Experience Program participants

Edge’s Professional Experience Program has officially kicked off and we’re excited to introduce our first participants, Iris Caballero and Elizabeth Cuan Castiblanco.

Iris tells us what sustainability means to her and how this led her to Edge.

Sustainability is about being able to contribute towards creating a fairer place for every species (present and future generations) and, not only preserving but, leaving our planet in better shape than it was when we came to it.

Congruence between my job and the rest of my life is fundamental. Work fills a large portion of our lives and it represents an important part of our impact in the world. Thus, when I was looking for an organization to gain some experience, it was essential for me that we shared values and that it was a place in which I could make a difference in the world to leave a better place behind. Edge has demonstrated its commitment to the community and the environment (such as being a B-corp), and that’s the reason I was drawn to it in the first place.

Edge’s Professional Experience Program represents an invaluable opportunity for those like me, who have the knowledge but have limited practical experience, and I’m grateful that it’ll allow me to increase my sustainability-related understanding whilst developing a wide range of other skills, by participating in a diverse number of projects along experienced and like-minded colleagues.

Elizabeth combines her skills in architecture and design with her passion for sustainability.

I completed a bachelor’s degree in architecture at the “Tecnológico de Monterrey” university in Mexico and I am in my last semester of the Master of Architectural Science with focus on sustainable design and high-performance buildings at The University of Sydney.

I’ve had a passion for sustainability since my bachelor’s days, and have therefore been part of diverse and fulfilling sustainability projects throughout my studies. Furthermore, I am convinced that sustainability is the future and I love to work on any projects that can help communities become more sustainable, with my favourite projects being those that require a mix of creativity and science and that bring together people with different ideas and backgrounds.

I was drawn to Edge because of its growing participation in the sustainability and consulting market; I come to Edge bringing skills in architecture and sustainable design. I am grateful for being able to participate in the Professional Experience Program as it allows me to be part of an innovative team that will help me develop my professional and career skills.

In my spare time you can either find me swimming, cooking or exploring different places, from museums in the CBD, to different beaches around NSW.

The purpose of the Program is to provide participants with a chance to experience an organisation that lives its values and provide a ‘foot-in-the-door’ to the sustainability and consulting market. We’re looking forward to seeing the great things Iris and Elizabeth will do, both here at Edge and beyond!


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