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Less Stuff More Meaning is an online eco-ethical wedding planning resource that specialises in sustainable weddings. Edge worked with LSMM to create a Wedding Footprint Calculator.

The Challenge

Less Stuff More Meaning is an online eco-ethical wedding planning resource that specialises in sustainable weddings – essentially helping couples celebrate their big day with loads of love and less excess. The founder, Sandra Henri, was once a wedding photographer and frequently witnessed couples and vendors disenfranchised from the wedding process and feeling as though the rite of passage had lost its true meaning. Sandra also noticed there were no easy solutions for environmentally conscious couples. With this history, Less Stuff More Meaning (LSMM) approached Edge with an idea: to create a world-first calculator that newly engaged couples and vendors could use to quantify the environmental impact of their wedding and easily see where reductions could be made, without compromising on what makes weddings so special. 

The Approach: Science, Strategy, Storytelling

With LSMM’s idea in place, Edge started the groundwork to create a lifecycle assessment (LCA) tool that would be practical for couples, vendors and event organisers looking to plan truly sustainable weddings.


Edge’s in-house LCA experts are skilled at quantifying environmental impacts and were able to research and gather data into the emissions of all aspects of a wedding, from food, drinks and flowers, to accommodation, travel and electricity (among others!); as well as the technical side of developing the tool itself. 


It was vital the tool would address a gap in the market. Through analysis with LSMM, Edge created a series of audience profiles and conducted tailored surveys with each of the profiles to uncover insights and ensure our tool could give them the knowledge they were searching for.  

Edge used the results of the surveys to specify the calculator’s information, functionality and appearance – including presenting each aspect’s carbon impact as an easy-to-understand metric (numbers of tree planted) and also highlighting the highest impact categories (travel, number of guests, food/meat and imported flowers). Edge then conducted a pilot study on LinkedIn and with LSMM’s audience base, asking newly engaged couples to trial the tool – and the reception was overwhelming. 

COVID-19 has reduced the environmental impact of weddings by 93%! 

Through this approach, the team uncovered that COVID-19 had given many couples the “permission” to have a wedding they actually wanted, without pressure and expectation from family, friends or the wedding industry. These weddings are small, intimate, lower cost and environmentally friendly. So, with this insight, the team was able to ensure the calculator, and the way it was positioned and marketed, appealed to this insight. 


As well as developing the tool, Edge was tasked with translating the tool and its findings into key statistics and messages for LSMM marketing strategy, branding and social media. LSMM received a series of social media messages tailored to couples and vendors, as well as a press release highlighting key findings from the research. 

The Results

Using Edge’s expertise, we were able to conduct the analysis, create the calculator and help test, position and market it to bring Sandra’s purpose to life. 

As of May 2021, 2756 people have used LSMM’s Wedding Footprint Calculator. To put it in perspective, if just 12,000 Australian weddings per year were more eco-friendly, that’s the equivalent of 100,000 cars being taken off the road. 

The story was picked up by ABC News, which published a print feature online on April 25, 2021 (Eco-weddings catching on as more couples opt for intimate ceremonies) and also a short news segment

“We could see that couples – and many vendors – were desperate for more information on how they could reduce the impact of weddings, and the information simply didn’t exist or wasn’t easy to find. Our Wedding Footprint Calculator is a world-first and one its greatest social impacts is that it is busting many common myths about what causes the greatest impact when it comes to weddings. By working with Edge, I was able to access leading science-based information and translate this into something tangible, meaningful and relevant to our target market. I also greatly appreciated how Edge translated its findings into relevant social media messaging and used quotes and testimonials to enrich our storytelling.” Sandra Henri, Less Stuff More Meaning. 

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