Our top five blogs of 2018

We regularly publish blogs about our work, interesting trends we notice in the market, and topical issues. And – as I suppose anyone should if they’re investing time in such things – we find it interesting to look back and see which of our offerings caught our readers’ imaginations the most. So here’s our top 5 from 2018.

  1. Sustainable beer – Our blog covering our collaboration brew with 4 Pines was, perhaps unsurprisingly, top of the list. After all, with War on Waste catching the public’s attention, who wouldn’t want to read about a carbon positive beer that helped divert waste bread from landfill? Win-win-win!
  2. A better washing (life) cycle – 2018 was an exciting year for our Chile team, with the highlight being their work developing an LCA-based sustainability label for Unilever’s washing detergent lines that can now be seen on shop shelves across the country.
  3. Recycling put to the sword – Waste created a lot of column inches, largely as a result of China’s decision to clamp down on imports of recyclable material. Our resident waste expert, Blake Lindley, summarised the implications after visiting the Waste 2018 conference.
  4. There’s no escaping the science – We were extremely proud when, early last year, we published our own Science Based Target, joining an exclusive but growing list of ambitious companies around the world. In the short time since, the number of companies with verified targets has grown by 70%, and we’re working with a bunch of companies queuing up to join that roll call.
  5. An end to slavery? – last but not least – and perhaps only last of the five because of its publication late in the year – was our piece marking the passing of the Modern Slavery Act. The Act looks set to continue to dominate the sustainability agenda in 2019 too, with companies across the country now required to make sustainable procurement a top priority.

All in all, a quite predictable list, we think. Waste, beer, sustainable consumption, climate change action and new legal requirements were all bound to be high on sustainability professionals’ reading lists. Our predictions for next year? Climate risk for sure… more modern slavery… sustainable packaging, something about fast fashion, and perhaps the less fashionable (but topical) roll out of ISCA V2.0 would be my guess. We look forward to finding out!

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