Tackling food waste in the hospitality sector

You may have recently seen Edge Environment’s Head of Sustainability Strategy, Max Van Biene’s TedEx Talk around how dramatically COVID-19 has changed our household food consumption habits. The impacts of the pandemic on Sydney’s hospitality industry have been similarly seismic. Customers numbers are down, eating habits have changed, and food safety requirements have strengthened.

Times of change are also great opportunities to embed new and better behaviours. That’s why, in collaboration with Better Sydney and The City of Sydney, we’ve developed two free, easy to use, online learning modules . They are designed to provide businesses with the practical skills, knowledge and tools to tackle the issue of food waste. The hospitality sector has had a rough ride, but there’s a sense that we’re faced with a moment in time where we can help businesses build back better. In doing so, they can save money, reduce waste and create a new sustainability proposition for customers.

As part of the Love Food Sydney program, these online learning modules are a great place to start for restaurant owners, managers, head chefs or baristas.

  • Module A provides a high-level overview of the impact and nature of food waste. It helps everyone to understand the importance of the fight against food waste. 
  • Module B will provide the practical skills, knowledge and tools to conduct your own food waste review, and implement relevant actions.

We would like to give thanks for the invaluable feedback and contributions made by the following industry advisors:

Photo credit: Ja Ma from Unsplash
  • Travis Harvey, Executive Chef, OzHarvest
  • Kruno Velican, Director of Operations, Hilton Melbourne (former Head Chef at Hilton Sydney)
  • Justin Wurth, Food Safety and Kitchen Manager, International Convention Centre Sydney
  • Indira Naidoo, Broadcaster and Author of ‘The Edible Balcony’
  • Kate Fellowes, Proprietor, Saint John Espresso
  • Michael Shafran, Director and Dough Raiser, Brooklyn Boy Bagels
  • Nicola Woolfrey and Byron Woolfrey, Airline Operations, Trolley’d
  • Michelle Grand-Milkovic, Founding Director, love.fish

To find out more about how you can combat food waste, or to learn more about the modules, contact Lloyd Parker.

Lloyd Parker
Lloyd Parker

Senior Consultant


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