Sprinklers and sustainability

Recent BRANZ research has used Ecopoints for the first time in New Zealand to evaluate the cost effectiveness of domestic fire sprinkler systems.

BRANZ recently re-evaluated the cost- effectiveness of fire sprinkler systems for houses (installed to NZS 4517:2002 Fire sprinkler systems for houses). In an attempt to also account for sustainability impacts, a lifecycle assessment approach was selected. This is the most useful way to provide a weighted single measure of a wide range of environmental issues for comparison with a cost- effectiveness analysis.

The study incorporated environmental issues by considering the cradle-to-site impact for fire sprinkler systems and the loss and replacement of the fire damaged building stock. It didn’t include impacts relating to the replacement of building contents which would produce an even more positive contribution to the measure of environmental benefits. Therefore, the results of this study are conservative.

By Amanda Robbins and Colleen Wade, BRANZ Fire Engineers and Jonas Bengtsson, Sustainability Scientist, Edge Environment


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