Creative ways to use your waste: how one company turned beer by-product into dog biscuits

Craft Beer Bones Bin Trim Waste

Microbreweries are popping up across the country, with waste streams to match. But an innovative new project is turning this waste into tasty dog treats – and making money along the way.

The waste source

According to the Journal of Cereal Science, spent grain is the major by-product of the brewing industry, representing about 85% of all by-products generated.

So when Edge Environment gave local brewer 4Pines an EPA-funded Bin Trim assessment (to reduce their waste going to landfill), it found the majority of 4Pines’ spent barley grain was being donated to pig and cattle farmers for stock feed. However, 4Pines is forecasting doubled production in the following 12 months, which will over-supply local farmers and mean extra spent grain will go to landfill.

Turning waste into revenue

In the spirit of innovation and with a desire to create new products from waste, Edge Environment’s Bin Trim Assessor Gabi Stephen saw a creative way to divert brewer’s grain from landfill – she used the by-product to bake a batch of healthy dog treats.

Craft Beer Bones recycled dog biscuits debuted at an outdoor 4Pines pop-up bar and passing dogs loved them so much that Gabi decided to turn this waste stream into a revenue stream.

“Even after mashing barley, spent grain is filled with nutrients and is high in protein, fibre and minerals, so it’s a great source of animal or human food and such a shame to see it go to waste.” – Gabi Stephen

Craft Beer Bones are now being sampled daily at the 4Pines brewery in Brookvale and are available online at a variety of stockists. We hope to one day stock the recycled dog treats at all leading pet food retailers, including Pet Barn.

What can you do with your waste?

Edge Environment’s resource recovery team are on the ground each day, pioneering new ways to reduce waste and recover valuable resources from landfill. We are dedicated to offering practical solutions and delivering cost-savings to small and large businesses.

If you would like a free Bin Trim waste assessment, call Gabi on (02) 9436 0100 or email

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