Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Strategy & Planning

Corporate Sustainability Reporting

There are a wide range of voluntary corporate reporting protocols and, left unchecked, sustainability reporting can quickly become a drain on internal resources and funds. Adopting a strategic approach to reporting will help define the protocols that best align with your organisation’s sustainability strategy as well as establish the systems, process and infrastructure required to streamline data collection and submission on an on-going basis.

Edge can assist your organisation to:

  • Define the appropriate reporting protocol or accreditation that aligns with your organisation’s strategic objectives, reporting capacity and budget
  • Identify and quantify your material impacts taking into account the full life cycle of your products and services and all impacted stakeholders
  • Define which indicators, disclosures or goals your organisations should report to, aligned with your material impact
  • Undertake gap analysis of the systems and processes required to capture data to inform your chosen indicators
  • Collect, refine and submit your report through the appropriate partner channels

Our multi-disciplinary team includes GRI trained professionals and B-Local Sydney members with extensive experience across industry and public sectors.

Our offering

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
  • Integrated Reporting (IR)
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • B-Corp
  • London Benchmarking Group
  • Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Max Van Biene

Head of Project Delivery and Principal Consultant