Sustainable Procurement

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Sustainable Procurement

“Sustainable procurement” refers to an organisation’s ability to meet their needs for goods and services with the most positive environmental, social and economic impacts over the entire life cycle.

Edge can help your organisation to clearly define the drivers for sustainability, assess how procurement activities impact different areas of sustainability and understand the organisations ability to exercise influence over these impacts. Our internal tools and assessment methods can provide unique insight into complex supply chains. Our approach ensures you can:

  • Use the tools of sustainable procurement to achieve organisational sustainability goals
  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and transparent supply chains 
  • Improve the social and environmental impact of your organisation 
  • Improve supplier relationships and innovate products and services 
  • Maximise your sustainability competitive advantage and meet strategic objectives through collaboration with suppliers 
  • Meet stakeholder expectations regarding transparency and accountability in supply chains 
  • Align with International Standards for sustainability in procurement
  • Meet the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 
  • Add value to the procurement process by improving productivity, optimising whole of life value and encouraging innovation

Our team has worked across a range of sectors to design and implement sustainable procurement practices, with clients ranging from property and retail through to the team at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. This experience, along with the complementary skills across our wider team – from carbon footprinting and sustainability strategy to life cycle assessment – ensures that our approach is evidence-based and aligned with your strategic objectives.

Our offering

  • ISO20400 assessment
  • Peer benchmarking
  • Risk and opportunity analysis
  • Sustainable procurement strategy

Jacqui Bonnitcha

Principal Consultant