Procurement Strategies & Policies

Supply Chain Management

Procurement Strategies & Policies

Sustainable supply chain management should support the organisations overall sustainability objectives while reflecting the material sustainable procurement risks and opportunities. To effectively implement sustainability in procurement organisations should:

  • Understand their organisations drivers for sustainable procurement
  • Establish thorough governance processes for procurement
  • Provide training, awareness and supplier development
  • Effectively monitor and measure supplier performance
  • Integrate sustainability throughout the procurement process:
    • Procurement planning
    • Specification
    • Supplier evaluation and selection
    • Supplier management

Edge’s internal tools and assessment methods can provide unique insight into complex supply chains. Our approach ensures you can:

  • Use the tools of sustainable supply chain management to achieve organisational sustainability goals
  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and transparent supply chains 
  • Improve the social and environmental impact of your organisation 
  • Improve supplier relationships and innovate products and services

Our offering

  • Category management plans
  • Prequalification and evaluation criteria
  • Supplier management processes and data collection
  • KPI development
  • Product and service whole of life analysis

Jacqui Bonnitcha

Principal Consultant