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Social Impact Strategy

Over the past decade we have seen a shift in the role of business in addressing some of our key social challenges. As a result, organisations are under increased public pressure to more clearly and effectively measure and communicate their social impact and associated social return on investment. Adopting a more strategic approach to social impact can help support employee engagement and retention and provide a clearer story of value creation to your customers and board.

A Social Impact or Community Investment Strategy can be used to:

  • Articulate your organisation’s social impact focus areas in an easy to understand and resonant language
  • Define targeted social outcomes against specified time periods
  • Define the criteria of a strong not-for-profit partnership, to ensure you have the right partner/s and are getting the most from the relationship.
  • Define metrics that will be used to communicate progress against these outcomes
  • Sit side by side and enhance your business value measurement (providing a “full picture” of performance)
  • Deliver a gap analysis against existing data collection activities and reporting to support future performance and impact reporting
  • Support engagement and communication activities, including for annual reports and Board updates

Our offering

  • Theory of Change
  • Materiality
  • NFP partnership strategy
  • Program design
  • Corporate & workplace giving strategy
  • Community investment strategies

Max Van Biene

Head of Project Delivery and Principal Consultant