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Social Impact Strategy

Over the past decade we have seen a shift in the role of business in addressing some of our key social challenges. As a result, organisations are under increased public pressure to more clearly and effectively measure and communicate their social impact and associated social return on investment. Adopting a more strategic approach to social impact can help support employee engagement and retention and provide a clearer story of value creation to your customers and board.

A Social Impact or Community Investment Strategy can be used to:

  • Articulate your organisation’s social impact focus areas in an easy to understand and resonant language
  • Define targeted social outcomes against specified time periods
  • Define the criteria of a strong not-for-profit partnership, to ensure you have the right partner/s and are getting the most from the relationship.
  • Define metrics that will be used to communicate progress against these outcomes
  • Sit side by side and enhance your business value measurement (providing a “full picture” of performance)
  • Deliver a gap analysis against existing data collection activities and reporting to support future performance and impact reporting
  • Support engagement and communication activities, including for annual reports and Board updates

Edge’s services in this area are complemented with extensive work in the broader sustainability strategy space. This means we are well placed to help clients to ensure that their social impact is closely aligned with their wider strategic objectives.

Our offering

  • Theory of Change
  • Materiality
  • Not for Profit partnership strategy
  • Program design
  • Corporate & workplace giving strategy
  • Community investment strategies

Max Van Biene

Head of Project Delivery and Principal Consultant