Community Engagement

Liveable Cities

Community Engagement

Creating liveable and resilient cities and towns will require changing how urban areas, built infrastructure, and green infrastructure are designed, managed, and used. Change is often inherently challenging and can meet significant community resistance. Encouraging change and support for changes requires community support and stewardship. Engaging the community from the outset in a co-design process, to help inform visions, transparent targets and objectives, priorities and actions, will have significant benefits to reducing resistance and successfully implementing urban greening and cooling goals. 

Edge has staff with extensive experience in urban ecology and measuring and valuing green infrastructure. This includes the Country’s leading practitioners in the i-Tree tools which provide a user-friendly, repeatable, statistically rigorous and readily applied approach to measuring and valuing the structure and function of urban forests and land cover.

Edge can provide expertise in community engagement around Liveable Cities. We have demonstrated experience in running workshops and surveys to facilitate a community co-design process and understand community values and concerns. We are also the only providers of Tree Engagement Experiences, such as Tree Tags and Tree Tag Trails, which specifically aim to engage and educate the community, either actively or passively, about trees and their benefits.

Our offering

  • Land cover analysis (past, present, future)
  • Ecosystem services quantification and valuation
  • Canopy mapping
  • Urban Forest strategies
  • Urban Greening strategies
  • Street Tree Planting strategies
  • Tree Planting PredictorTM (how many trees to plant and when to achieve cover targets)
  • Online tree interactives

Dr Jenni Garden

Senior Consultant