There is growing global recognition regarding the importance of biodiversity in urban areas for healthy ecosystem functioning and communities. Bees and butterflies in particular are a growing area of awareness in respect to the critical pollination services provided. Other biodiversity such as birds and micro-bats are recognised for their role in pest insect control, mammals and reptiles can also help control pest species, particularly rodents, and frogs are a well known indicator of aquatic ecosystem health. 

In re-thinking how urban areas are designed and managed to incorporate more green infrastructure, there is a growing trend to achieve greening outcomes that also have native biodiversity benefits. This often involves considering native species foraging, shelter, breeding, and movement requirements in planting selections, configurations, and land uses. Local Councils are increasingly developing stand-alone Biodiversity Management plans to provide the framework for protecting and enhancing native biodiversity. 

Edge’s team includes one of the country’s leading urban ecology practitioners to support clients in understanding current and potential biodiversity, and provide recommendations for how to attract and manage native species diversity in the urban context. Services provided range from snapshot and benchmark assessments to long-term monitoring and evaluation. Approaches applied range from rapid ecological site assessments, to detailed flora and fauna surveys (including ethical trap-release programs if required), to supporting citizen science approaches to data collection and monitoring.

Our offering

  • Desktop database collation
  • Survey design
  • Site ecological value assessments
  • Flora surveys (rapid or detailed)
  • Fauna surveys (rapid or detailed)
  • Biodiversity Management Plans and strategies
  • Landscape typology management
  • Biodiversity monitoring
  • Pest Management Plans
  • Bespoke biodiversity scoring matrices
  • Citizen science support

Dr Jenni Garden

Senior Consultant

Project Experience

Stirling iTE
Stirling iTE
City of Adelaide Tree Tags 2020
City of Adelaide Tree Tags 2020
Blacktown City Council Tree Tags
Blacktown City Council Tree Tags
Urban Greening Strategy  Plantable Space
Urban Greening Strategy Plantable Space


Hort Innovation Report Published
Hort Innovation Report Published
Edge joins the Green Star Expert Reference Panels
Edge joins the Green Star Expert Reference Panels

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