Product Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessment

Product Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a tool used to measure environmental impacts associated with a product, process, or service. This may include assessment of the raw materials used, their processing, manufacture of the product, distribution, use and final disposal. It is used for variety of reasons, including:

  • Understanding where the biggest impacts lie in the product’s lifecycle
  • Benchmarking performance against other, comparable products
  • Comparing the impact of alternative designs or other changes to the product (e.g. packaging)
  • To underpin LCA-based labels and certifications, such as Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and carbon neutrality

Edge’s renowned across Australia for its LCA expertise. Our team includes a number of certified LCA professionals, led by the former president of the Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society (ALCAS). We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our analysis, but also our ability to help clients put the things they learn into action through the development of clear communications and LCA-based tools.

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Dr Joana Almeida

Senior Consultant