Sustainable Property

The property sector, including both residential and commercial buildings, accounts for around a quarter of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and is a massive consumer of energy, water and materials. To limit global warming to less than two degrees celsius, industry experts have suggested that all buildings must be “net-zero carbon” by 2050. Meeting this goal will require a radical change in the way that buildings are constructed and operated. At the same time, our changing climate will need buildings and communities to be more resilient and adaptable than ever before.

Edge Environment has extensive experience across the building life cycle, with clients spanning building products through to construction, property owners and government departments. Our team takes an integrated and practical approach to applying sustainability in the property sector, ensuring that strategies and initiatives gain real traction.

Our services range from high-level strategy development to detailed technical work, supporting all project stages, from design to delivery.

Our offering

  • Sustainability support for contract bids
  • Strategy development
  • Green Star strategy optimisation and key credits
  • Whole of building life cycle assessment and costings
  • Social return on investment analysis
  • Climate change risk and adaptation support
  • Sustainability materials and procurement advisory
  • Supply chain and modern slavery advisory
  • Due diligence
  • Hazardous materials
  • Policy analysis and development

Rachael McGinley

Principal Consultant