Carbon Neutrality & Climate Declarations

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Carbon Neutrality & Climate Declarations

Decades of greenwash have fuelled consumer scepticism and scrutiny in relation to environmental credentials. It is therefore more important than ever that organisations are confident in their environmental claims. In some instances can be relevant to declare the climate impact of your organisation, product or service. Sometimes providing carbon neutral product or services may be required or requested by your customers.

Over the last decade, Edge has become one of the world leaders in developing Climate Declarations and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) that communicate the life cycle footprint of a product or service in clear, consistent and formally agreed format that is backed by science.

In addition, Edge has worked with a range of partners to gain formal Carbon Neutrality Certification by facilitating the purchase of certified carbon offsets and managing the certification process through the Australian Government’s Climate Active program.

Edge’s team includes certified LCA professionals, approved EPD verifiers, registered Climate Active consultants, and carbon experts with market leading expertise and project experience.

Our offering

  • Climate Declarations
  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
  • Voluntary carbon credit sourcing
  • Carbon neutral product or organisational communication
  • Climate Active verification and certification

Jonas Bengtsson

CEO and Co-founder