Resilient Cities 2013 Closes – Key messages are clear

Resilient Cities 2013 attracted participants from 49 countries and representatives from 60 cities. The key messages, reiterated at the closing plenary session were clear.

  • In developed and developing countries it will be the most vulnerable populations that are hit hardest by climate change. For these populations climate change is an additional stressor to existing financial, social and environmental stressors.
  • Effective climate change adaptation will only take place when it is integrated in to existing processes, policies and practices.
  • Action needs to start now and can be facilitated by sharing learning within and between institutions.
  • Further work is required to distil key elements of resilience in urban environments so it can be assessed, monitored and managed.
  • Exploration of alternative funding models is required and engagement with the private industry is essential if adaptive and resilient communities are to be achieved.

Edge Environment looks forward to continuing discussions on these challenges and opportunities with our clients and partners here in Australia.

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