Reflections on the Professional Experience Program

Iris and Elizabeth presenting their achievements from the PEP program to the Edge Team

The first round of our Professional Experience Program (PEP) has come to a close. Congratulations to Iris and Elizabeth on finishing the Program and a job very well done! Let’s hear from them as they reflect on their time at Edge over the last four months.

Elizabeth reflects on her experience:

My experience at Edge was fantastic both because of the projects I worked on and the people I worked with.

When I came to Australia to do a master’s in architectural science and sustainable design, I believed that sustainability was the only possible future. I had previously worked on “sustainable mobility projects” in an infrastructure consultancy, and even though the projects were very interesting I was sure that my contribution could be better if I could broaden the amount of sustainability projects I could work in.

PEP allowed me to do this; it helped me become part of the sustainability world, and Edge showed me that a company can make a positive impact on society and at different levels through projects that are true to their values and have the ability to inspire clients towards social and environmental sustainability.

During the PEP, I worked on four projects while also studying the last semester of my master’s program. These projects complemented what I was learning and broadened my knowledge on Life Cycle Analysis and Environmental Product Disclosures (EPDs), climate change and resilience, future proofing buildings and companies, as well as on certifications for buildings, products and companies that aim to create a more sustainable future. Moreover, Edge’s unique structure and organization allowed me to learn even more:

  • Working with external teams can be tricky especially because not everyone follows the same communication and organisational ways.
  • Traveling to work can be the highlight of the week especially when it involves views of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge every time you commute.
  • Keeping an eye on the balance between professional, student and personal life is important, especially when there are whales waiting for you just outside the office window.
  • Maintaining good communication with your team can help you not only excel at work but learn about surfing, sailing, traveling, skiing and essential life skills.

Edge is definitely a great place to work and an ideal consultancy to partner or collaborate with.

Iris reflects on her experience:

Both Edge and the Professional Experience Program exceeded my expectations. My first expectation was around Edge’s office culture, values and people. My second expectation was around learning.

Regarding the former, I knew that if Edge’s office culture, their values and people were aligned with mine that everything else would be right. Edge showed me that both the organization and the people working there, really live their values and that both are well aligned.

As per the latter, I learned something every day. I had the chance to participate in nearly 20 projects (contributing to the project team with both small and more significant tasks). Everyone showed genuine interest in helping me succeed and gain new knowledge. Some of the skills I acquired during the 16 week Program included client engagement, communication, work efficiencies, quality, research and time management. I also had the opportunity to work across a number of service offerings that Edge specializes in, packaging and waste, modern slavery, construction materials, hotspot analysis and the application of different guidelines such as ISCA, Green Star and EPDs.

My time at Edge has been very special and I have really enjoyed it. When I applied to the Program, I mentioned that I wanted to work in a company whose values were like mine, and in which I could make a difference in the world; to leave a better place behind. Well, at Edge I have found a place to do so. It is a clear example of how an organised, driven and respectful group of people with a common goal can achieve great things. I’m thankful for the opportunity, and for the people that I got to meet. I can only expect even greater things coming from Edge.

And we can only expect great things of you, Iris and Elizabeth!

These two certainly set the bar high for succeeding intakes of the Program. We are already looking forward to our next intake of PEP participants. If you’re keen to be involved or know someone who might be perfect for our Program, keep your eyes on our blog as we’ll be posting updates there in late July / early August.

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