Promoting Best Practice in the Demolition Industry through the SIEN

Partnered with the Better Buildings Partnership (BBP), the Sydney Industrial Ecology Network (SIEN) has been able to instigate and affect best practice in the demolition industry.

Having now completed the defit of 8 floors in the Dexus managed Governor Macquarie Tower (GMT), the SIEN worked with Demolitions Plus to achieve a landfill diversion rate of 61% which is around 3x the industry average. At GMT, 100% of all plasterboard, glass, metal and hard fill was able to be recycled in addition to around 8.5t of landfill destined office furniture which was re-homed with charities.

The creation of a case study and it’s dissemination to industry is on-going but it is hoped that shining attention on the waste from defit issue and presenting the alternatives to landfill will assist in creating systemic change in this industry. A key outcome of the project was a renewed focus on exploring recycling alternatives for composite wood products, which were seen to make up around 50% of material sent to landfill. In response, Edge will soon be providing a trial load of demolition wood waste for waste to energy recovery in an industry first trial.

Further exciting developments with carpet manufacturers Interface and ceiling tile manufacturers Armstrong, will contribute to solving the recycling issue from defit waste.

Edge has been publishing an ongoing record of activity in the building defit space on ‘The Defit Blog’ through the Fifth Estate.

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