Sustainable Procurement Strategy North West Rail Link

Edge Environment developed the Sustainable Procurement strategy for North West Rail Link (NWRL). The objective of the project was to reduce environmental and social impacts whilst maintaining or improving value for money.

Sustainable Procurement is essentially a robust, risk-based, commercial approach to integrating environmental and social criteria into decisions throughout the procurement lifecycle. Utilising best practice standards, such as BS-8903 and the framework adopted by the London 2012 Olympics, Edge Environment developed the Sustainable Procurement Strategy appropriate for NWRL. The Strategy recommends the policies, processes, tools and actions that need to be undertaken to ensure that Sustainability is successfully ‘embedded’ into the buying process at all levels.

The purchasing power of large projects, such as NWRL, have the potential to set new benchmarks in infrastructure delivery. Building sustainability in to the procurement process is the most effective way to meet sustainability targets. Indeed, sustainability is increasingly being recognised as the key driver for achieving innovation in construction.

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