Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience

Southern & Hills LGA – Where We Build What We Build

The Resilient Hills and Coasts region engaged Edge to deliver support the Where We Build What We Build project. The region partnered with the Insurance Council of Australia and the Natural Disaster Resilience Program for this project. The project aimed to identify homes at high risk of natural hazards, determine the type of buildings in these parcels, and quantify the cost-benefit of transitioning the building stock to more climate resilient homes.

Combining climate risk assessment, construction and building materials expertise, and economic analysis, the project made a clear business case for developing climate-ready homes. The analysis demonstrated a net present value in excess of $72 million across the partner councils. The results are expected to underpin the adoption of new standards for homes across the region, as well as changes to local planning requirements.

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Southern & Hills LGA

Southern & Hills LGA


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