NorthConnex: Life Cycle Costing and Life Cycle Assessment of Low Carbon Energy Options

The Lend Lease Bouygues Construction joint venture was the client for this project. Edge developed the LCA model and LCC model to assess the tunnel and road project located in North West Sydney (9km tunnel, 3.5km land and bridge widening, linking the M1 and M2, and associated tunnel operations centre). The study assessed the assets with four scenarios differing the low carbon energy supply options for the project (Photovoltaics and Cogeneration). This LCA model was coupled with a Life Cycle Costing model that assessed the Net Present Value of each scenario through varying CAPEX (e.g. PV solar panel installation) and OPEX (e.g. reduced energy costs from PV supply). The study was also used to feed into the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating to help the project achieve the targeted rating.

Project Image

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