Life Cycle Assessment of the CSR House

csr-houseEdge Environment was commissioned by CSR to conduct an LCA of the CSR house. CSR wanted to be the first whole building assessment to use the BP LCI toolkit and to create “robust data” that will underpin CSR initiatives to communicate with, and educate external stakeholders (architects, construction firms, regulators) about the life cycle performance of CSR products.

The environmental performance is benchmarked against the Housing Industry Association (HIA) reference building. The LCA was 70 years building life, including production and transport of all major fixed building elements; construction site impacts; building products maintenance and replacement lives; operational energy and water use from fixed appliances over the life of the building; and end of life disposal.

Thermal energy modelling was performed using AccuRate and fixed appliances using AccuRate Sustainability algorithms. The life cycle inventory data was interpreted into key environmental impacts, including global warming potential and Australian ecopoint, in accordance with the BP LCI methodology.

The results and tool provided CSR with a comprehensive basis for evaluating the life cycle performance during the building design and construct, and going forward to underpin green product and building design communication nationwide.

The work was presented at ALCAS’s bi-annual international LCA conference in 2013.