Glenfield to Leppington Rail Link: Life Cycle Assessment

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) was the client for this project. Edge developed the life cycle assessment and life cycle costing models to assess 6 assets forming part of the GLRL located in South West Sydney (11km track, 2 stations, 2 carparks, and stabling yard). The study assessed the assets with three scenarios differing in levels of sustainability achievement through application of initiatives in the NSW Sustainable Design Guidelines (v3.0).

This LCA model was coupled with a Life Cycle Costing model that assessed the Net Present Value of each scenario through varying CAPEX (e.g. PV solar panel installation) and OPEX (e.g. reduced energy costs from PV supply). The Social Value of the project was also assessed via modelling the potential of increasing the number of apprentices and increasing the local procurement.

Identification and quantification of the environmental impacts and life cycle costs hotspots over the whole life cycle of the project. Information can be used to help drive future decision making to ensure a better cost and environmental outcome.

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