LCA Based Tool for the Food and Construction Industries in Chile

Chilean industries are experiencing an increasing demand from various markets to report their sustainability practices and performance. EcoBase aims to develop two environmental information management platforms that will be used for the life cycle assessment of food and building products. EcoBase aims to improve the sustainability and the competitiveness of the Chilean food, wine and construction industries, and could eventually expand to other sectors of the economy.

EcoBase seeks to provide two information platforms of environmental sustainability performance of the main materials used in construction and key food products under the methodology of life cycle assessment. The project will provide its users EcoBase manuals for tools and calculators such that enterprises can independently measure their sustainability performance. This information will support the decision-making process of several companies along the food production and construction value chains, from design to investments, to the incorporation sustainable attributes and improvement their environmental performance as required by the market to strengthen their competitiveness.

The 2-year implementation of EcoBase began in August 2013 and will involve the participation of several companies, concluding in 2015 with the launch of both platforms freely accessible to all stakeholders in both industries. Edge Environment worked in partnership with Fundación Chile as one of the co-executors of the project, along with Universidad de la Frontera.

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