Lake Macquarie City Council: Resilience to Climate Change

The objective of the project is to map the resilience of 10,000 houses in Lake Macquarie, to understand zones vulnerable to flooding, storm and bushfire. The project aims to produce a methodology to rapidly collect data on building materials and produce a template for replication. The project will also engage with retail insurers to better understand how data can help drive insurance affordability.

The project collated data from within the council, through Google Street view and on-ground assessment, and used an archetype extrapolation method to estimate the remaining houses. The data was then run through the Building Resilience Rating Tool to produce resilience maps available online for Lake Macquarie City Council to interact and use as required. The project team is engaging with insurers to discuss the database, resilience mapping and insurance affordability.

Ultimately, the project is about creating communities that are more resilient to climate change, through better understanding the resilience of the built environment to natural hazards. Insurance is a key component in a resilient community, therefore ensuring insurance affordability is paramount.

Lake Macquarie City Council: Resilience to Climate Change

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