KFC Australia: Farm to Fork Project

Working with Edge Environment, KFC Australia are partnering with some of their largest suppliers to undertake a Farm to Fork study, identifying the environmental and social hotspots in their business and uncovering the opportunities for improvement and partnership.The starting point is to use life cycle assessment (LCA), the leading method for the evaluation of the potential environmental impacts connected with a product, process or service. LCA is emerging for social impacts and risks as well through the Social Hotspot Database and the UNEP Guidelines for Social Life Cycle Assessment of Products. However, LCA and measurement science is not going to be enough to cover issues such as animal welfare or the risks and perceptions of GMOs. Edge Environment combined measurement with supplier and location specific information while screening broader sustainability issues in order to get the full picture.

The Farm to Fork project kicked off in mid-2014 and is expected to be complete by mid 2015. We expect a number of key outcomes from the project, including an in-depth understanding of the key impacts, risks and issues within KFC meals. This will provide the information for the Farm to Fork group to prioritise and focus on the material sustainability aspects and to understand where they have common issues to address, or opportunities to exploit. Benchmarking will provide the group with an understanding of their potential strengths and weaknesses compared with alternative meals.

The Farm to Fork project is helping KFC Australia and their suppliers to be proactive in developing a long-term strategy, in their approach to sustainability.

Edge Environment was awarded Corporate Social Responsibility supplier of the year by YUM! in 2015 in recognition of our Farm to Fork and sustainability strategy development work.

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