JLL Waste Reporting

Edge is providing waste management consultancy services for a number of JLL-managed sites in the MPM (Mixed-use Property Management) and PAG (Premium Asset Group) Portfolios within JLL’s PAM (Property and Asset Management) division (currently 8 sites). The work is inclusive of strategy, reporting and compliance for all aspects of Waste Systems (including the disposal of waste by tenants, the collection of waste by cleaners, transfer to dock area, collection by waste contractors, transport to relevant facility, disposal/recycling/reuse of waste) and the subsequent mandatory reporting for the Owners. The building owners are committed to best practice waste management by maximising the sustainability performance of their buildings and in doing so, are committed to using the Better Buildings Partnership Operational Waste Guidelines (BBP) and also the NABERS Waste Tool, which will provide standard reporting across the JLL managed assets. In this role Edge:

  • Produces monthly reports which demonstrate the performance of the building,
  • Liaises with JLL and contractors, to ensure all areas of waste collection and disposal are operating efficiently and are compliant with current contractual agreements
  • Undertakes an annual audit in accordance with the NABERS Waste rating requirements (and in line with BBP requirements).
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