Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience

Resilience Program

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) is working to create a more resilient built environment: houses and buildings that can withstand extreme weather events such as floods, bushfires, storms and cyclones.

Edge Environment has been working with the ICA for nine years, assisting the program with tools, stakeholder engagement programs and research projects. Initiatives from the Resilience Program can be viewed at the ICA Dataglobe, which is Australia’s most complete dataset for natural hazards.

The most important aspect of the Resilience Program is having an intimate understanding of the client’s perspective and needs. The insurance industry is a key player in developing a more resilient built environment and their leverage on the market through insurance premiums and, more generally, the interaction with governments, is key to framing the market.

Edge Environment is committed to working with the insurance industry for optimal resilience outcomes and provides robust science and advice to support the program.

Insurance Council of Australia

Insurance Council of Australia

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