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Building Resilience Rating Tool

Edge Environment has been working on the Resilience Program for seven years, with the key objective of driving a more resilient built environment.

The Building Resilience Rating Tool (BRRT) is at the core of the Insurance Council of Australia’s Resilience Program. The BRRT rates the resilience of homes by identifying potential hazards the home is exposed to, and makes an assessment of the vulnerability based on the materials and structure of the home.

The BRRT allows everybody to conduct due diligence on the resilience of their home with regards to the risks posed by natural hazards. It aims to drive the homeowner to retrofit their home to make it more resilient. The BRRT is available at

Edge Environment created the BRRT by conducting initial research to determine the architecture of the tool, and then developed the BRRT through a series of Beta versions, to a publicly available version. We developed the algorithms and code as the engine for the BRRT and work with a series of software developers to deliver best practice user experience.

Edge Environment has provided the Insurance Council with leading practice knowledge of buildings and their vulnerability to various natural hazards, understood the ICA’s needs and has continually been at the forefront of developing technology to develop practical tools.

Ultimately we expect that insurance premiums will be linked to the ratings: homes with high resilience ratings will have low insurance premiums and visa versa.

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Insurance Council of Australia

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