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IGA Community Chest Refresh

IGA is Australia’s largest chain of independently owned supermarkets, with approximately 1600 stores around the country. Metcash, the main distributor and manager of the IGA brand, identified that IGA was failing to leverage its unique brand differentiator of delivering meaningful social impact within the communities in which their stores operated. The existing social impact program, called Community Chest, appeared to be inefficient and lacked the structure for appropriate reporting in a way that could effectively promote the brand.

Metcash commissioned Edge to undertake a review and refresh of the Community Chest program. The objective of this was to; Provide a clearer definition of IGA’s ‘impact narrative’, streamline reporting and storytelling to more effectively communicate the positive impact of the program and scale the social impact of the program through more strategic giving tactics (e.g. potentially extending beyond cash to other giving tactics such as in-kind donations, skill volunteering etc).

Informed by a series of 25 interviews, the first stage required development of a ‘problem map’ of the existing solution, as well as identification of opportunities for the redesign. Drawing on these insights, Edge then developed a ‘strawman’ solution schematic that addressed the identified issues and built in the opportunities, which was tested with a group of retailers in a co-design workshop. The agreed solution, built on the infrastructure of an online portal, enabled alignment on how IGA create social impact, better defined how that impact is measured as well as strategies on how to increase the overall fund distributed to communities.




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