Risk assessment of supply chains

Holding & Redlich: Modern Slavery Risk Assessment

Edge undertook a modern slavery risk assessment of Holding & Redlich’s operations and supply chain using our in-house tool, which is underpinned by the Social Hotspot Database (SHDB). The SHDB compiles social risk factors across a range of social issues for materials and product/service types in over 100 countries.

The database covers several relevant issues relative to modern slavery and human rights, including child labour, forced labour, excessive working time, safe working conditions, exploitation of migrant labour, general governance and respect for human rights. The analysis is complemented with a detailed literature analysis of published research and media sources relevant to the business area sectors and additional data sources such as the Global Slavery Index and the Children’s Rights Atlas.

The results were displayed in heatmaps indicating which procurement categories have the lowest of highest likelihood of risk. Our analysis ranks procurement categories according to inherent modern slavery risk as well as by spend and summarises the hotspots and their drivers.

Holding & Redlich

Holding & Redlich


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