HammondCare: YBIF Aged Care Trials and Toolkit Development

Edge was engaged by HammondCare to help it apply for the NSW Government’s Your Business is Food (YBIF)/Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW) grant. With the goal of increasing NSW aged care businesses’ knowledge and skills to avoid food waste, Edge:
• developed a suitable resource kit to support the NSW aged care sector in tackling food waste;
• assessed the usefulness of smart scale for medium to large aged care facilities where food is prepared by a central kitchen;
• delivered Food Waste Assessment training, data analysis, action plan development and follow up assessments.

Despite the apparent difficulties and challenges within the sector, undertaking a facility-wide food waste review proved to be an extremely useful process for the pilot sites. The detailed examination of the types, sources and quantities of food waste across all kitchens was effective in creating awareness throughout the organisation and developing important insights into the nature and estimated costs of food waste. The review was used to justify and inspire the implementation of various solutions designed specifically to address the causes of food waste at the source. These actions were successful in reducing avoidable food waste by up to 20% across the piloted sites.




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