Green Cross Australia: Material and Construction Guidance

Green Cross Australia (GCA) is a not-for-profit organization that helps people adapt to Australia’s changing climate, in ways that embrace sustainability and community resilience. One of their educational tools developed for this purpose is the Harden Up – Protecting Queensland website.

GCA needed information on how to retrofit residential properties to increase resilience to flood, storm, cyclone, bushfire and extreme heat. Edge undertook a wide scale literature review to locate the best available information regarding improving the resilience of residential properties to extreme weather events. Information was organised by building element focusing on the building elements that were most important for each hazard and easiest to retrofit. Content was provided in an easy to understand report with accompanying pictures in order to make it easily accessible to the general public.

The information is presented in a new section of the Harden Up website focused on retrofitting homes to increase resilience, providing their audience with more information on best practice retrofitting for climate change resilience.

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