Strategy Design and Drafting

Estia Health Sustainability Strategy

Estia Health is an ASX200 company and one of Australia’s largest aged care providers, with 69 residential aged care homes across Australia. Following on from the previous materiality assessment completed by Edge, Estia engaged Edge to assist them in the development of their first formal Sustainability Strategy.

This project consisted of several phases completed over a six month period. This first phase involved establishing Estia’s environmental and social baseline footprint. The second phase presented the findings from the baseline and materiality to inform an ideation workshop with the Estia Sustainability Committee which provided the basic framework for a strategy. This included various initiatives across a range of focus areas including renewable energy, waste management, community engagement and wellbeing. The final phase involved development of the strategy document and a stress testing process with various internal and external stakeholders to ensure the proposed initiatives were practical and feasible.




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