Charter Hall – Climate Change Risk Assessment and Adaptation Framework

Charter Hall required a portfolio-wide assessment of climate risk and integration of adaptation planning within their standard acquisition, design, management and disposal processes.

Edge developed an online interactive map that showed the change in climate change variables over time and the exposure of Charter Hall properties to these changes. From this analysis, a list of properties’ exposure to climate change was generated and used to prioritise further investigation. Staff were trained in order to further assess the vulnerability of properties to particular climate change variables. Tools and guidance resources were developed to integrate climate change risk in standard acquisition, design, management and disposal processes for the future.

The project provides Charter Hall with a process to effectively and efficiently manage climate change risk across the company’s whole portfolio. If required, adaptation actions can be integrated in asset management plans and capital expenditure can be anticipated. Outputs from the project are designed to communicate to investors and to deliver on reporting requirements.

Project Image

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