Building Products Level Playing field Assessment Methodology

This project has established a methodology and database of consistent life cycle data, a consistent set of data for material and product replacement intervals and a consistent set of weightings for the relative importance of different environmental impacts in different Australian climates.

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The project has involved engaging industry with an environmental agenda, helping them understand their impacts on the environment, and facilitating an agreement across industry sub-sectors on a common methodology. This will allow building product manufacturers to collect data on the environmental impacts of their products so that comparable data may be entered into the Australian Life Cycle Inventory (AusLCI). For example, the project will result in a common measure of the greenhouse gases emitted during the production of a steel beam versus those emitted during the production of a timber beam, that is, two products that fulfil the same purpose. The project has involved the education, facilitation, and technical understanding of the environmental issues that relate to each type of building product. It aims to enable designers and specifiers to make the best environmental decision when choosing construction materials.

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The Building Products Innovation Council (BPIC) and AusIndustry (through the Industry Cooperative Innovation Program (ICIP)) funded $1.6M over 3 years in support of the Australian Life Cycle Inventory (AusLCI) project.

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