Base Information D5 Concrete LCA

Neocrete Limited is the exclusive Australasian distributor of D5 Green, a highly innovative, multifunctional admixture for concretes, mortars, dry building mixtures and grouts. D5 Green significantly increases the strength of concrete. This means cement content can be substantially reduced, lowering the carbon footprint of concrete. Neocrete commissioned EDGE to conduct a scoping life cycle assessment (LCA) of a range of concrete mixes with and without D5 Green. This LCA shows up to 20% global warming impact reduction per cubic meter of ready-mix concrete from cradle to gate from the use of D5 Green, and up to 33% global warming impact reduction from a combination of cement substitution and the use of D5 Green admixture. Based on the ready-mix concrete mixes modelled in this LCA, we recommend that Neocrete use this study to inform customers of the potential environmental benefits and implications from using D5 Green.




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