Xinyue Zhang

Senior Consultant

North America

I specialize in product LCA, corporate carbon and water footprinting, dataset development, and other analytical work. I have a strong technical background and mindset. I am passionate about problem solving and finding the best science-based solution for any specific project or challenge. I’m also increasingly bringing my passion and skill for project management and client support and relationships to our work.

My favorite projects are those where we and our clients can have strong impact and can really make a major difference. I enjoy collaboration with clients, stakeholders, and team members. Translating complex scientific concepts into understandable science-based action items which can really make a difference, is one of my favorite parts of consulting work. In this fast-moving industry, new topics, new methods, and new problems are always emerging. Trying something new, including new sectors, new types of the projects, and new solutions to new challenges, are also some of my favorite things. I enjoy projects that involve a lot of collaboration, and ones in which everyone involved can learn something useful. Feeling the growth and celebrating the success with my clients and teammates makes me fulfilled.

I have a Master of Science degree in Environmental Engineering from Northeastern University, and a Bachelor’s of Engineering degree from the University of Science and Technology in Beijing, China.

I work in sustainability because I want our future generations to have the same resources from the planet as we do. I hope they can see all the creatures and parts of nature, and not just from pictures. During my undergraduate studies I had tours of wastewater treatment plants, coal-based power plants, landfilling and incineration sites, and I realized that the amount of pollutant and waste we made is much more than we can control. I planned to work on air pollution control for my professional life but along the way I learned LCA and other sustainability topics. This led me to see that sustainability is focusing not just on the waste control but also on eco-design, circularity, raw materials, social impact, and many other aspects. That’s what brings me to this field, and I am so thrilled to be a part of this journey.

I love spending my spare time with my dog, Rico, an energetic 95-pound lab. I also spend a lot of time cooking, especially Chinese/Asian food. I enjoy getting close to nature and doing some non-competitive hiking and walking.


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