Virginie Rubio

Business Services Administrator


I have worked primarily for non-for-profit cultural and sports organisations. Working for SMBs throughout my career, I have gained skills in marketing, sales, business development and administration. I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in Company and Business Management.

I love when I can turn my efforts to a variety of tasks to help stakeholders, team members and clients, and bring about a tangible, positive impact.

I particularly enjoy working in environments where there is a focus on openness and collaboration. My favourite projects are those where I’m working in a team. Each team member contributes a unique perspective, and the synergy between these team members often produces creative and productive results.

I work in sustainability because addressing the climate crisis is a priority and will become the organising principle of society – hopefully sooner rather than later. The world needs a rapid and far-reaching transformation; there are many challenges ahead to achieve that, but I genuinely believe that enough people will soon start seeing the urgency of the climate crisis with clear eyes.

Edge is making a positive difference to the world we live in. Each of the high-calibre talents who work there inspire us every day to create a more sustainable world. I feel humbled and proud to be part of the story and bring my stone to the edifice.

I also wish for the next generation be proud of us and look up to us. I like the idea that they will look back one day and be pleased with what we have achieved. 

In my spare time, I enjoy getting out on the trail and going for runs, walks or dips in the ocean. Growing up in the French Alps, I have always been surrounded by nature and the endless possibilities that each season brings. Trekking, hiking and on ski fields are where I recharge.

What makes me happy are very simple things in life: listening to music, going to a gig, sharing a good meal with a dining table full of family members or friends. I am not passionate about cooking; I just like to eat, really – soon to be disowned if my mum ever reads this!

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