Vaibhav Gaikwad

Senior Consultant


I enjoy working with clients to develop and implement their sustainability strategies. I have consulted for several industries and organisations in Australia and abroad, including TES Pty Ltd., MolyCop, Planet Ark and Hyundai Steel. I have also worked closely with many government organisations and departments.

Prior to joining Edge, I worked in a research and advisory role as an NGN fellow at UNSW. I have had the opportunity to work on and lead some of the most interesting and impactful sustainability projects. In collaboration with one of my clients- TES Pty Ltd, I co-invented a process to convert electronics waste into sustainable 3D printing filaments. Furthermore, through LCA I was able to demonstrate that the filament is ~30% less carbon intensive to produce compared to conventional filaments. I also led the development of an industrial-scale plant in Sydney to convert waste toner powder into a sustainable product for metals manufacturing.

Some of the other projects which I have enjoyed working on include the development of sustainable Lithium and Sodium ion batteries and writing a policy brief which amongst other things highlighted the role Australia could play in helping developing countries like India in its e-waste management.

Growing up in Mumbai, I have always been confronted by pollution, waste and rampant urban development sans planning. Having have experienced its adverse effects first hand, I work in the sustainability sphere to develop solutions that deliver a positive impact on the environment. It is my endeavour to enable organisations, policy makers and communities make ‘Sustainability’ their ‘Business as Usual’.

In my spare time, I swim, play badminton, listen to music and travel.  I love to visit different places and enjoy its food and culture.

I am delighted to join Edge and be a part of their fantastic and super talented team of people who are genuinely passionate about the environment. I am already working on some very exciting projects at Edge that span from Modern Slavery Assessments to Environmental Product Declarations. I look forward to an amazing journey here!

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