Tom Ross



I work across many of Edge’s key projects in the carbon, sustainability strategy, climate risk and waste advisory spaces. Through my experience in financial, economic and carbon modelling, I bring a data-driven approach to projects across a wide range of industries to inform pragmatic solutions that are both cost-effective and environmentally sound. My skills are best used in translating complex, intangible problems into simple and digestible insights, and using these insights as the basis of strategies and roadmaps to achieving ambitious sustainability goals.

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance/Spanish) that had a large focus on financial modelling, project finance and viability analysis. I’ve complemented this study with courses in environmental economics and environmental modelling, where I acquired knowledge in resource modelling, multi-criteria decision analysis and life cycle analysis. These skills have assisted me in evaluating non-financial goals and reconciling them with the business case. I am extending this knowledge with a Masters of Sustainability at the University of Sydney.

My favourite projects engage with a wide range of stakeholders to identify material issues and develop innovative, pragmatic solutions that enthuse clients to be ambitious and creative with their approach to improving their sustainability outcomes. Critically, I find that these projects are also best for generating sustained buy-in from diverse groups who take ownership over good outcomes.

I work in sustainability because I have always believed that sustainable business behaviour not only achieves better social and environmental outcomes, but also safeguards long term economic potential. I firmly believe that businesses who engage consistently and genuinely with sustainability problems enhance their resilience and competitive advantages for the future.

In my spare time I try to spend as much time as I can outdoors, whether it be hiking, swimming or surfing. When the weather’s bad, I’ll spend the rest of my time cooking or reading.

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