Tom Davies

Board Secretary and Co-Founder

My work at Edge Environment continues to inspire me as we build our team, skills and experience, while catalysing the transition to the emerging ecologically sustainable economy. My responsibility as non-executive Director involves strategising with our board so that Edge Environment can continue to thrive and drive change for good into the next decade.

Every new project we are commissioned to work on inspires me with the practical change that is happening for environment and sustainability betterment; my work particularly:

NSW Environment Protection Agency – The Circulate Program. Over the last three years, we have worked with Australian businesses to build and grow the circular economy. This involves extracting resources from waste streams and working with innovators to establish new business processing, recycling and repurposing of resources (this is the premise of the circular economy).

The Resilience Program. We have been servicing the Insurance Council of Australia’s Resilience Program for more than five years to drive and shape a more resilient built environment for Australia. We have created web-based and application tools to enable homebuyers to do their own due diligence on potential properties, with regards to vulnerability to natural hazards, and we are working with all levels of government on resilience initiatives.

Department of Environment and Energy – International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC). Australia contributes to the international energy efficiency agenda through IPEEC. This time Australia was responsible for the Buildings Energy Efficiency Task Group project No. 5, to establish what is international best practice in residential energy efficiency disclosure schemes. We delivered this project, made recommendations for how to create best practice in Australia, and we continue our work with the jurisdictions across states and territories as Australia moves towards harmonious policy for residential energy efficiency disclosure.

I have a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from Bristol University in the United Kingdom and a Master of Environmental Management from UNSW (2006). I come from a career as a British Army Officer and value professionalism. I now contribute to the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand because I believe that the environment and sustainability profession is a growing community that requires the same support that our colleagues in planning, architecture, accountancy and law enjoy.

I have a passion for Edge Environment and growing a company with a clear purpose into a new and emerging ‘implementation’ economy. I also love to build things, and am currently on a mission to build 1000 sustainable homes that will ultimately be net positive. I believe that we are in an historic era that will be referred to and compared with the Industrial Revolution in history lessons in 200 years time as the most exciting period of ingenuity, industry and growth. I believe the world will carry 10 billion people and that it is our job to shape a world that can hold this population in an ecologically sustainable way.

I don’t have any spare time, I think the concept is unusual. I have a son, a daughter and a kelpie, all organised by a fantastic and loving partner, Pip, who keeps us all moving in the right direction.

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