Thuy Nguyen

Sustainability Consultant


I join Edge as a Sustainability consultant in Circular Economy and Lifecycle Thinking Team. This work has been in a diverse range of sectors including infrastructure, building products, textile, and food, etc.

My favourite projects are those where I work in partnership with people within an organization to facilitate continual improvement. Many of these projects are ongoing and last for many months and sometimes even many years. Some that come to mind are: 

·      ADBRI EPDs

This is one of the biggest Environmental Product Declaration projects which covers a different range of ADBRI’s products including cement, concrete, and masonry in over 5 States in Australia. I feel as though I have been part of ADBRI’s sustainability journey and have enjoyed collaborating with them in this project. This ongoing project is one of those great projects where we truly work in a trusted partnership with our client. 

·      Lake Macquarie City Council

I have recently developed a building tool for Lake Macquarie City Council to estimate the potential environmental impacts associated with buildings throughout their life cycle, including those from raw materials extraction and processing, building construction and design, use, and end of life. This tool is ideally used in the early planning stages to support design decisions that integrate environmental performance.

I completed the Bachelor’s degree in Wood Products Processing at Ho Chi Minh City University Agriculture and Forestry and the Master’s degree in Machine techniques, equipment and wood, paper technologies at Vietnam Forestry University.

I have recently finished my PhD at the University of Technology Sydney. My PhD research focused on the building life cycle assessment and life cycle cost to examine carbon footprint, energy usage and cost benefits of different building materials.

My research has taught me that technological innovation in manufacturing could potentially mitigate the burdens on the environment. My passion for sustainability is getting stronger since I have witnessed my clients are working so hard to find solutions to make their products becomes more environmentally friendly. And I am so proud to be part of their sustainability journey.

I love spending my spare time cooking, baking, reading novel books and watching cartoon movies with my son. Baking is such a great way to practice staying focused and it’s interesting to challenge myself with a new recipe.

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