Theo Snyman

Sustainability Consultant

I have primarily worked on the contractor’s side of sustainability, overseeing the data capturing, reporting and project managing of sustainable deliverables. I have experience in Quantity Surveying as I worked as a Junior QS for one of the largest construction companies in Africa. Cost analysis, project reporting and project management were some of the skills required to see a successful project delivered under the ISCA framework.

My favourite projects are those that challenge me and require some degree of thought and planning to see it successfully executed. It was imperative to work with the construction team at the head office and the sub-contractors on site to ensure that everyone was across the importance of sustainability and sustainable construction practices. These type of construction projects also lend themselves to the use of better or more efficient uses of resources for example pushing the use of concrete with a higher fly ash content to reduce the amount of Portland cement required to obtain the desired mix strength.

Some key points:

TfNSW’s Transport access program (TAP 3) –Worked on trying to ensure that an ISCA rating of Excellent is obtained and prompting sustainability on site as a whole and within the organization.

The work has involved everything from implementing data capturing mechanisms, reporting on sustainability and project managing the ISCA process.

Being one of the first TAP project to be trialed under the ISCA rating system presented a lot of challenges and opportunities especially regarding the implementation of systems and processes.

I work in sustainability, especially construction related sustainability, as I believe much more can, and is needed to be done to ensure that sustainable practices are implemented as the construction industry is one of the largest contributors to GHG emissions. My personal goal at Edge is to help clients implement the ISCA framework on their projects in order to divert as much GHG’s that would have otherwise ended up in the atmosphere.

In my spare time, I love to garden and tend to my earthworm farm, was very happy to see that Edge tends to two worm farms making me feel right at home. Having a father who is a Financial Analyst means I also spend some time analyzing stocks looking for the next ‘sure thing’.

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