Tati Guedes
Communications Coordinator

My skills are in coordinating communications activities within organisations. I identify opportunities for meaningful interaction with customers, the media and at events; manage brand development and representation; develop and execute marketing plans and communications strategies and manage the production of publications, including awareness raising campaigns.

I enjoy working on projects that include connecting people around a common storyline – you might have a technician and a marketing person working within the same organisation who have never met, and each one would benefit from learning of what the other is doing…I love to break silos!

It also brings me pleasure to tell stories of inspiring, but technical solutions to non-technical people: to tailor the communication of ideas to diverse audiences, exploring ways for them to act on it.

I hold a Masters Degree in Environmental Management (UNSW) and a Bachelor in Marketing and Advertising (Mackenzie University). It is in the interaction of what these studies teach that I found a path to fulfil the reason why I work in sustainability:

We share the Earth with an estimated 11 million other living things. We humans have been having quite a negative impact on these co-inhabitants. Working in sustainability is how it makes sense, to me, to be part of the solution to achieve a balanced interaction between us, the planet and its other inhabitants.

For the past 7.5 years, I’ve been delivering parenting services for two invaluable clients and family members. I also love to see the sunrise from the top of a surfboard!