Tara Nolan

Head of Business Services | Board Secretary


With a BSc (hons) in Biological Sciences specializing in Environmental Biology from the University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland, I started my professional career as a research assistant and technician in Trinity College Dublin. My skill set was focused in the discipline of Palynology (the study of pollen grains & other spores found in geological deposits), and I enjoyed working in this field for over five years, in particular working on projects based in the West of Ireland, the island of Mallorca and Eastern Africa. I enjoyed the discipline of laboratory work and long term research programs but I had a stronger inclination to understand how industry and business could be mixed with science, and so I embarked on a consulting career.  With a keen interest and acumen for patterns, trends and logic, project management and coordination seemed to suit and I found my niche in providing solutions to clients for various environmental considerations. My approach is simple but effective, understand my deliverable’s, apply logic to the best process, focus on being productive and be sure to enjoy the comradery of team work. Consulting life is fast paced, is competitive and the projects greatly differ from client to client so you have to drive innovation to succeed.

The area of sustainability is of huge interest as I develop my professional career. I feel disheartened to think that we too easily accept a convenience orientated society and that a throw away attitude is acceptable when it comes to matters in the home and in the workplace. It takes real effort to produce less waste and to also recycle what we can. I want to be part of a healthy movement to demonstrate that you can enjoy the merits that urban life brings but still be conscious of our footprint. Hold yourself to high standards and those around you because the small differences can be simple to make but collectively, have a large impact.

Working at Edge, I am surrounded by innovative problem solvers and work to a business model that not just favours clients and their projects, but encourages a true learning environment for all staff. Outside of the office, I like to spend my spare time travelling with my road bike, cycling up and down ridiculous mountains and completing in hardcore cycling races. I am a demon for downhill descents and love the technical elements of riding switchbacks, it makes riding uphill for 30 kms (at altitude) all worthwhile!

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